I’m Back!


Well that was quite a break from the online world.

Obviously I didn’t disconnect myself from the Internet, that’d just be silly… right?

What a year I’ve had! It started in the wintery city of Boston in the United States, where I was living and studying on exchange at Northeastern University. Here I made some great friends and had an absolute blast enjoying a completely different university lifestyle to what I am used to here in Australia. I travelled to Mexico for Spring Break where I spent eight brilliant days in the Caribbean resort town of Cancún where I partied with my friends and drank possibly too much

Niagara Falls, Canada

Niagara Falls, Canada

tequila (if that’s a thing?). I came home looking like I visited the Sun instead with some nice permanent sunglasses. Once my time in Boston came to an end I travelled to Washington D.C. and fell in love with this city and I can’t wait to return. I then went to the city that never sleeps, New York City, where I met my parents who had flown over to spend some time travelling with me. From NYC we went on a whirlwind trip where we drove north to Canada, spend a week in Canada visiting Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and finally Niagara Falls.

After Canada we drove back down the Eastern Seaboard through New York state, Pennsylvania, and Maryland until we returned back in Washington D.C., I just had to return! From here we travelled further south through North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana where we stopped in some famous cities such as Nashville, Memphis, Jackson and New Orleans. After New Orleans we headed back east along the Gulf of Mexico to Florida where we stopped in Orlando, and of course did the theme parks and visited Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral.

Key West, FL

Key West, FL

Heading south once again we stopped in Fort Lauderdale and finally Miami where we stopped for a few nights to check the sights before driving through the Florida Keys to the southern most point of the United States, Key West before heading back up to the mainland for the next leg of our trip.

From Florida we flew to Sin City, Las Vegas, where we spent the better half of a week enjoying the sights and standing in awe at the Mars-like landscape and the even stranger casinos. This place is definitely worth a visit and would be a lot of fun if you weren’t underage like myself.

Standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon, USA

Standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon, USA

From here we headed to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and took a helicopter ride over the magnificent natural wonder. After this we headed to California where we stopped in San Diego before driving up the Southern Californian coastline to Los Angeles, where we did all the tourist things like visiting Universal Studios and Santa Monica Pier etc.

Los Angeles marked the end of our trip to the United States and when it came to saying goodbye to my adopted country of six months I found it quite hard. Don’t worry I shall be back!

Since I’ve gotten back to Australia, I’ve moved from Hawthorn to Southbank, and started back at uni, where I’ve been ever since! Now that semester is drawing to an end I thought it best to update everyone on what exactly I’ve been doing since my last post, so there it is!

What’s the plans for the future? Well later this month I’ll be heading up to Sydney where I’ll be the newest work experience kid on Channel 7’s breakfast show Sunrise, yes the show that made me want to be journalist! After that I’m off to China for two weeks where I’ll be travelling through Beijing and Shanghai. Any suggestions on what to do in these cities is greatly appreciated!

Shanghai, China     Source: linked

Shanghai, China Source: linked

Anyway, let me know how everything is going with you and any feedback on the new layout of my blog by tweeting me @ben_hansen

Three Weeks


Three weeks

It’s just ticked over three weeks since I’ve been here in the US and I have to say, it’s been a great experience!

The first week on-campus was a bit iffy – I was placed into an essentially off campus property, however this was quickly fixed by the university and I was moved into one of their new properties, International Village.


My university for six months – Northeastern University!

My first week of American classes was an eye-opener! I now know what it’s like to be a true ‘full-time’ student. My class schedule requires me to be at university everyday from 9-5 – no longer do I have days off or one-lecture days, although I am studying five classes.

The view from my new apartment - International Village.

The view from my new apartment – International Village.

Goodbye to lectures as I knew them – American college classes are a hybrid of what most Australians would know as lectures and tutorials, and you’re encouraged to create debates and question the professor. Oh yeah, and at college, you call your teacher ‘Professor’ unless they permit you to call them anything else. (and I thought they only did that at Hogwarts?!)

The first three weeks have been a whirlwind of moving in, discovering campus, exploring Boston and being a true tourist, and don’t forget harassing the local wildlife!

This little guy kept us Australians occupied for quite some time.

This little guy kept us Australians occupied for quite some time.

I’ve also been checking out the Varsity and NBA games in Boston. Northeastern’s varsity teams are called the Huskies and Boston’s NBA team is the well-known Boston Celtics.

Boston Celtics V Indiana Pacers

Boston Celtics V Indiana Pacers

I’ll be sure to keep the updates coming more often, and I’ll be posting about my trip to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library soon!

Catchya from the US,


Boston I’m Here!


After a long 31 hours of sitting in four different airports and flying in three different planes, I’ve finally made it to BOSTON!

All but the last leg of my trip went smoothly when my American Airlines flight was delayed at Los Angeles International for an hour due to a snowstorm in Boston. This meant I had a six-hour layover at LAX, which I filled with sleeping – sorry to the people at gate 42A for snoring!

After sitting on a cramped AA flight for five hours all I wanted to do was stretch my legs and sleep in a proper bed! Arriving in Boston couldn’t have come at a greater time. By the time I managed to collect my bags – which arrived without any delays – the previously mentioned snowstorm had made its way back to Boston. I jumped in the closest taxi and headed for my hotel, where that king size bed await me!

The taxi ride to my hotel was slow due to the amount of snow on the road – and we nearly slid through traffic lights. Once checked in, calling my parents, it was 11PM, I hit the sack and slept for 14 hours straight.

The next day I woke at 1PM, chucked on as much as I could and headed out to explore the area around my hotel. Luckily there was a shopping centre just down the road so I headed there first to buy a pair of snow boots – a must if you’re coming to Boston in winter.

From there I explored the shopping centre (Prudential Centre), bought a US sim card, and then I realised it was getting late; I guess I did sleep half the day. I went back to my hotel room. My first of many days in Boston had come to an end.

One great thing about Boston that I haven’t seen elsewhere is this website called Foodler – they deliver from most restaurants in your area and it’s really cheap! Lets get this in Melbourne!

Boston I’m coming!


Boston CBD and Boston Harbour

Summer is well and truly here, although for me, I only have four weeks left of summer… I’m off on exchange to BOSTON!

For those who don’t know where Boston is, it’s the capital of Massachusetts in the north-eastern tip of the United States, about three hours drive north of New York City.

A = Boston

I’m leaving Australia on the 29th of December and will be returning mid 2013 with my parents who are coming over for a business/holiday trip. I’ll be flying into a frozen Boston and experiencing my first snow capped city and a winter New Years Eve. All in all, I’m pretty excited

I decided to go to Boston after I met some Bostonians back in August who were on exchange at Swinburne. I’d never really thought of going on exchange while studying at university but I thought it’d be a perfect chance to travel in the US while also studying at a highly sought after university, Northeastern University.

One thing I plan to discover while I’m living in Boston – was the Boston Bun invented in Boston?

Is the Boston Bun originally from Boston?

So my blog will now also be featuring journalistic pieces as well as a travel blog that people can follow and keep up to date with what I’m up to while in the States. I hope some of the posts will make you want to embark on exchange to the US also.


Some places I’m keen to visit?

  • New York City
  • Washington D.C. (yay politics!)
  • Niagara Falls
  • Montreal, Canada
  • Quebec City, Canada
  • Toronto Canada
  • Philadelphia
  • Miami
  • The Bahamas and Caribbean
  • Cancun, Mexico
  • New Orleans
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Southern California region
  • San Francisco
  • Las Vegas (I’ll be considered underage in the US ☹ )
  • And Chicago

Got any other recommendations to visit or tips on surviving the US? Let me know in the comments!

One More Year


At a party with some friends

Benjamin Hansen – @ben_hansen

One more year has passed. One more to go.

It’s crazy how fast time flies; it only felt like I was starting my first semester of my degree a few months ago, now I’ve completed four semesters with only two more to go.

I can now call myself a final year journo student, crazy huh? And yes I have already updated my Twitter bio 😛

I’m now on my second day of holidays and enjoying being able to sit back, relax and not have to worry about writing another essay, news article, or read another darn text book. It’s all over for a couple of months – I can finally take down my study schedule and classes timetable!

I had a premature holiday moment when several of my friends and myself went for a night trip down to the coastal town of Torquay, it was good fun, but I had to come back to the city and finish off my politics essay the next day. Not cool I know, but I got it finished.

I’m heading to Sydney this week with some friends, and have no idea when we’ll be back, that’s the bliss of having a car and a friend who you can stay with up there.

It won’t be long before I’m off back to my parents for Christmas, and then my next big ‘thing’ – which you’ll hear about in my next post – and then classes will be back on.

Want a clue about my next big thing? Here you go.

By the way, if you’re looking for some decent coffee in Melbourne CBD and surrounds, check out Bean Here Melbourne!

Samā year

Shot of Melbourne from Hawthorn

Benjamin Hansen – @ben_hansen

It’s fast approaching, although some Melbourne days would make you think that it’s a loooong way off.

Truth beholds, summer is on its way, and in fact it’s only seven weeks away — I know, I swear it felt like winter was only last week – typical Melbourne.

This will be my first November/December in Melbourne, and I’ve heard there are plenty of things to do that this brilliant city and surrounds have to offer during the warmer months.

A camping trip with some mates from uni is in the books, and plenty of cider and beer I’m sure will be consumed at various venues across the city, but that’s all I have planned to do so far. I have six weeks between when I finish uni and head to Tasmania that I need to fill.

Let me know what your plans are for this summer by commenting below or jumping on to my Twitter: @ben_hansen

For Grief or For Money? Taking Advantage of 9/11


This is an ad that was published in a newspaper and later condemned for downplaying the attacks. The WWF later distanced themselves from the advertising agency. From The Telegraph

With today being the 11th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States, I thought I’d have a look at whether using an event like the 9/11 attacks too promote a company is okay.

This ad for television show Mad Men was placed within a few blocks of Ground Zero.

Just a quick Google search shows a plethora of examples from companies across the globe, but is it too soon to take advantage of a truly devastating event? What gives a company the right to publish images of buildings portraying the North and South towers of the World Trade Centre that were destroyed 11 years ago.

If it’s not okay to use 9/11, what about the Titanic?

US President, Barack Obama, today announced outside the Pentagon that the US was now a more safer and unified country. Maybe the time of grief has passed and that opens up floodgates for advertisers to make money from others loss and grief? I couldn’t imagine an Australian company using images from the 1996 Port Arthur Massacre, 2002 Bali bombings or the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami as an advertising ploy, and I can imagine that there would be uproar in Australia if someone were to take advantage of such a horrific events.

Smoking kills, but is this necessary?

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

What I’ve Been Up To


Making the news!

Benjamin Hansen – @ben_hansen

Hey everyone!

Much has happened since my last post; I’m back at uni after my long semester break and I’m currently in the full swing of the semester (only seven weeks to go!)

For the last few months I’ve been the weekly newsreader on SYN FM, a radio station in Melbourne aimed at providing students with an opportunity on getting on air and learning the ins and outs of radio. You can hear me live every Thursday at 4:00PM, 5:00PM and 6:00PM on 90.7FM if you’re in the Melbourne/Geelong area, otherwise you can tune into the online stream at SYN Online, or you can check out some that I’ve uploaded here.

I encourage anyone studying journalism or media studies to get involved with the station, even if you aren’t wanting to get into radio journalism once you’ve finished your degree, it’s a great opportunity and there’s some great people involved with SYN!

Also, I am extremely happy to announce that I have been published for the first time. If you pick up a copy of Your Investment Property magazine, be sure to flip to the last page where I wrote a feature on a guy who plans to retire by the time he’s 40. I never realised how awesomely-brilliant it would be to see my name at the top of an article published in an international magazine, now the next challenge is to get published even more! – hint hint media industry personnel reading this 😉

Apart from the usual uni stuff, starting my radio career, and getting published, the greatest team AKA Hawthorn reaching the top of the AFL ladder, not much else has happened since I last wrote to you.

P.S I’ve also got some great news which I look forward to posting about at a later date, so stay tuned!

I’m going to finish this post off with a very serious news segment which I found on YouTube,



Super Student

Tracking Baltimore’s Addict
Photo: Colin Cosier

Benjamin Hansen – @ben_hansen

Unfortunately I was unsuccessful in the Media Super Student Journalist of the Year awards, however I don’t plan on giving up there. There’s plenty more opportunities out there for a budding journalist!

The winner of the competition Colin Cosier, is a postgrad University of Technology Sydney student. His winning piece, titled Tracking Baltimore’s Addicts impressed judges Marcus Strom (Deputy foreign editor, Sydney Morning Herald), Conor Duffy (National environment reporter, ABC TV) and John Connell (Freelance).

“Colin’s piece showed a high level of professionalism, independent thinking and get up and go. It was well shot, edited and written. Colin’s use of data visualisation broke down complex issues and figures and his interviewees were well chosen and placed,” the judges said.

You can watch Colin Cosier’s piece Tracking Baltimore’s Addicts below.



Earlier this month I wrote a piece for the blog My Interning LifeIn the piece I covered my internship in Sydney, as well as the importance of blogging and social networking for me, as a budding journalist.

My Interning Life is a blog ran by an intern for all interns, it features intern profiles (like the one I did), current internships on offer, and a bunch of other things that all students seeking an internship would find useful.

I highly recommend any students who are currently looking, or preparing to go on internships to head to My Interning Life, and you can check out what I wrote for the blog below.

Intern Profile: Ben Hansen

Ben Hansen is a journalism student at Swinburne University. The 20-year-old expects to finish his degree at the end of 2013, majoring in journalism and politics.

Today Ben offers his advice for journalism students on My Interning Life.

Since I can remember, I’ve always thought being a journalist was a pretty cool job, there’s just something about sharing the stories of others to an audience and reporting events and news that is happening around town, the nation, or around the world. For some reason, I never considered journalism as a career choice until year 10 when my English teacher, Robyn Bessell, told me I had a talent for writing. Ever since Robyn told me this I have wanted to become a journalist.

I moved to Victoria in early 2011 to start a degree in journalism. Initially at Deakin University in Geelong, I moved to Swinburne after a year at Deakin due to the course not being as journalism focussed as I had hoped, and I’m now loving studying at Swinburne and having great lecturers and tutors who all have vast industry experience (and contacts).

My dream job is to work aside Mel and Kochie on Sunrise, and one day anchor a news program. This past semester we touched on newsroom journalism at Swinburne, and I absolutely loved it.

At the moment I have only interned at Your Investment Property (YIP) magazine in Sydney. I enjoyed experiencing the ins and outs of a magazine, but I soon discovered that writing for magazines (and investment magazines for that matter) is not what I intend to do when I finish my degree. However, I learnt a fair amount from my time spent at YIP.

My days at YIP magazine involved writing the state-roundup and writing a small 250 word article on a particular suburb in each state. This required me to interview real estate agents that had properties listed in the chosen suburbs and review data provided by external sources and then convert the information into something appealing for the reader to consume.

Another article that I wrote was a feature on a man named Damien who after reading the magazine, decided to invest and had success in the market. These pieces should be coming out in the September issue of Your Investment Property magazine.

Although beginning the internship with a bare understanding of investment, I sure learnt a lot through speaking to peers and real estate agents.

Although I’ve completed one internship, I intend to do even more. I see a journalism degree as a stepping-stone to a career as a journo. The other key stepping-stones are internships (plenty of them) and contacts in the media industry. These contacts can be from internships, tutors/lecturers or family friends etc. From what I’ve been told, and I believe this, newspapers, radio or TV stations aren’t likely to pick you up unless they can see that you’ve had industry experience before hand. There are a lot of fish out there looking for the same job as you, so the more experience you have, the more you will stand out. This leads me to my next point, exposure.

All journalists want to shine, there’s that little byline at the top of each newspaper article where we all want our name to be. Now for most budding journalists like myself, it’s not the easiest thing to get published and have our own glorious byline, so you may find it hard to gain exposure; however, I have news for you.

Everyone has probably told you this, but I’m going to tell you again, you need a BLOG. These websites allow you to post content, whether it’s just a simple showcase of some pieces you’ve done university assessments, or a full-blown professional blog that includes everything bar the kitchen sink.

I never thought I’d get into the whole ‘blogging’ phenomena, I mean, who wants to spend their spare time writing? Well, not only are you studying journalism, but these articles and pieces that you’re putting on your blog are creating exposure. Your name is being thrown out onto the interwebs for all those media professionals to see.

Creating a blog was possibly the greatest thing I have done. I may have written these articles primarily as an assessment, but there’s no reason why I shouldn’t showcase them on my blog. Couple your blog with Twitter, and you’ve got quite a nice online broadcast system. I experienced this first hand when two of my articles were ‘re-tweeted’ by several well-known people, with a total of over 250,000 followers.

If you’re a dedicated student journalist, you should run a blog and Twitter account. You’ve got nothing to lose, and there is no better feeling than seeing your articles being viewed by people other than your journalism tutor, who is paid to read your work.

I have a couple of hints for you though. If you’re going to blog, you should blog regularly, it shows that you have the dedication and commitment to work on a schedule, and if your intention is for the blog to be a professional showcase of your talents, you should keep it professional (no photos of drunken rampages through the city, or what you ate for dinner last night).

Like I said before, Twitter is also a great way to gain exposure, you can communicate with celebrities, network with other journalists, and it’s a great way to find out about internships. Like blogs though, you need to be an active member of the Twitter community.

So finally, back to the main topic of My Interning Life. I can only speak for journalism, but I imagine it would be the same for all media related careers, interning is your key. You’re going to gain experience, exposure, and contacts. So what are you doing still reading this? Get out there and be proactive towards a career in the media industry!

You can follow Ben on Twitter and check out his blog.